Journal Articles

  1. Point torque representations of ciliary flows
    S.A. Selvan, P.W. Duck, D. Pihler-Puzović, D.R. Brumley
    arXiv (2023) [link]

  2. Structure of the streaming flow generated by a sphere in a fluid undergoing rectilinear oscillation
    P. Li, J.F. Collis, D.R. Brumley, L. Schneiders, J.E. Sader
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2023) [in press]

  3. Frontiers of Mathematical Biology: A workshop honouring Professor Edmund Crampin
    R. Araujo, D.R. Brumley, J. Cursons, K. Day, M. Faria, J. Flegg, D. Germano, H. Hunt, P. Hunter, A. Jenner, S. Johnston, J.M. McCaw, P. Maini, C. Miller, W. Muskovic, J. Osborne, M. Pan, N. Shahidi, I. Siekmann, M. Stumpf, A. Zanca
    Mathematical Biosciences (2023) [link]

  4. Chemotaxis increases metabolic exchanges between marine picophytoplankton and heterotrophic bacteria
    Raina, J.-B.*, Giardina, M.*, Brumley, D.R.*, Clode, P.L., Pernice, M., Guagliardo, P., Bougoure, J., Mendis, H., Smriga, S., Sonnenschein, E., Ullrich, M.S., Stocker, R., Seymour, J.R.
    Nature Microbiology (2023) 8, 510-521 [link]

    - see article in Pursuit [link]

  5. Simultaneous visualization of flow fields and oxygen concentrations to unravel transport and metabolic processes in biological systems
    S. Ahmerkamp, F. M. Jalaluddin, Y. Cui, D. R. Brumley, C. O. Pacherres, J. Berg, R. Stocker, M. MM Kuypers, K. Koren, L. Behrendt
    Cell Reports Methods 2, 100216 (2022) [link] [pdf]

  6. Feedback loops between mathematics and microbiology
    D. R. Brumley
    Microbiology Australia 43, 32-35 (2022) [link] [pdf]

  7. Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM): a non-traditional approach to study host-microbial symbioses
    P. Deore, I. Wanigasuriya, Sarah Jane T. M. Ching, D. R. Brumley, M. J. H. van Oppen, L. L. Blackall, E. Hinde
    Microbiology Australia 43, 22-27 (2022) [link] [pdf]

  8. Pairwise scattering and bound states of spherical microorganisms
    C. Darveniza, T. Ishikawa, T. J. Pedley, D. R. Brumley
    Physical Review Fluids 7, 013104 (2022) [link] [arXiv] [preprint]

  9. Rheology of a concentrated suspension of spherical squirmers: monolayer in simple shear flow
    T. Ishikawa, D. R. Brumley., T. J. Pedley
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics  914, A26 (2021) [link] [pdf]

  10. Cutting through the noise: bacterial chemotaxis in marine microenvironments
    D. R. Brumley, F. Carrara, A. M. Hein, G. I. Hagstrom, S. A. Levin, R. Stocker
    Frontiers in Marine Science  7:527 (2020) [link] [pdf]

  11. Generating Controlled, Dynamic Chemical Landscapes to Study Microbial Behavior
    F. Carrara, D. R. Brumley, A. M. Hein, Y. Yawata, M. M. Salek, K. S. Lee, E. Sliwerska, S. A. Levin, R. Stocker
    Journal of Visualized Experiments (155), e60589 (2020) [link]

  12. Bacteria push the limits of chemotactic precision to navigate dynamic chemical gradients
    D. R. Brumley, F. Carrara, A. M. Hein, Y. Yawata, S. A. Levin, R. Stocker
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (22) 10792-10797 (2019) [link] [arXiv] [pdf]

    - featured on the cover of PNAS [link]
    - see article in Pursuit [link]

  13. Stability of arrays of bottom-heavy spherical squirmers
    D. R. Brumley and T. J. Pedley
    Physical Review Fluids 4, 053102 (2019) [link] [arXiv] [pdf]

  14. Transitions in synchronization states of model cilia through basal-connection coupling
    Y. Liu, R. Claydon, M. Polin, D. R. Brumley
    Journal of the Royal Society Interface 15:20180450 (2018) [link] [arXiv] [pdf]

  15. High-avidity IgA protects the intestine by enchaining growing bacteria
    K. Moor, M. Diard, M. E. Sellin, B. Felmy, S. Y. Wotzka, A. Toska, E. Bakkeren, M. Arnoldini, F. Bansept, A. Dal Co, T. Völler, A. Minola, B. Fernandez-Rodriguez, G. Agatic, S. Barbieri, L. Piccoli, C. Casiraghi, D. Corti, A. Lanzavecchia, R. R. Regoes, C. Loverdo, R. Stocker,
    D. R. Brumley*, W.-D. Hardt*, E. Slack*
    Nature 544, 498-502 (2017) [link] [pdf]     *joint corresponding authors

    - see ETH Zürich press release [link]
    - see Gates Cambridge News: Vaccinating against antibiotic resistance [link]

  16. Long-range interactions, wobbles, and phase defects in chains of model cilia
    D. R. Brumley, N. Bruot, J. Kotar, R. E. Goldstein, P. Cicuta, M. Polin
    Physical Review Fluids 1, 081201(R) (2016) [link] [pdf]

  17. Natural search algorithms as a bridge between organisms, evolution, and ecology
    A. M. Hein, F. Carrara, D. R. Brumley, R. Stocker, S. A. Levin
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113(34), 9413–9420 (2016) [link] [pdf]

  18. Squirmers with swirl: a model for Volvox swimming
    T. J. Pedley, D. R. Brumley, R. E. Goldstein
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics 798, 165-186 (2016) [link] [pdf] [movie 1] [movie 2] [movie 3] [movie 4]

  19. Physical Limits on Bacterial Navigation in Dynamic Environments
    A. M. Hein, D. R. Brumley, F. Carrara, R. Stocker, S. A. Levin
    Journal of the Royal Society Interface 13: 20150844 (2016) [link] [pdf] [arXiv]

  20. Flagella, flexibility and flow: physical processes in microbial ecology
    D. R. Brumley, R. Rusconi, K. Son, R. Stocker
    European Physical Journal Special Topics 224, 3119-3140 (2015) [pdf] [link]

  21. Live from under the lens: Exploring microbial motility with dynamic imaging and microfluidics
    K. Son, D. R. Brumley, R. Stocker
    Nature Reviews Microbiology 13, 761-775 (2015) [pdf] [link]

  22. Metachronal Waves in the Flagellar Beating of Volvox and Their Hydrodynamic Origin
    D. R. Brumley, M. Polin, T. J. Pedley, R. E. Goldstein
    Journal of the Royal Society Interface 12: 20141358 (2015) [pdf] [link] [arXiv]

  23. Flagellar Synchronization Through Direct Hydrodynamic Interactions
    D. R. Brumley, K. Y. Wan, M. Polin, R. E. Goldstein
    eLife 3, e02750 (2014) [pdf] [link] [arXiv]

    - see eLife Insight by Friedrich and Riedel-Kruse: Flagellar beating: Row with the flow [pdf] [link]
    - see news story at The University of Cambridge [link]

  24. Hydrodynamic Synchronization and Metachronal Waves on the Surface of the Colonial Alga Volvox carteri
    D. R. Brumley, M. Polin, T. J. Pedley, R. E. Goldstein
    Physical Review Letters 109, 268102 (2012) [pdf] [link]

    - received the Editor's Suggestion
    - see Synopsis in Physics: Paddling in Sync [link]

  25. Oscillation of Cylinders of Rectangular Cross-Section Immersed in Fluid
    D. R. Brumley, M. Willcox, J. E. Sader
    Physics of Fluids 22, 052001 (2010) [pdf] [link]


  • D. R. Brumley. Hydrodynamics of Swimming Microorganisms. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom (2013).
  • D. R. Brumley. The Dynamics of High-Frequency Nanoelectromechanical Resonators in Fluid. Honours Thesis, University of Melbourne, Australia (2009) [pdf].

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